Maker Assistance Fund

We are thrilled to have a large range of wonderful and talented Makers taking part in Maker Faire Wellington 2019. We understand that sometimes costs can affect your ability to present, so for the first time, we’re offering a fund to assist Makers.  

This small contestable fund can be used for costs like; transport, fuel, specialist materials, audience used materials or take-aways, equipment hire, signage or anything specific that your display or presentation requires. The fund cannot be used to develop your making project or exhibit. 

Funding is granted at the discretion of a panel of Maker Faire Wellington organisers and successful applicants will be notified at the time of Maker application confirmation.

We will prioritise requests for funding that will; 

  • Assist with providing a hands-on audience activity, and potentially allow them to take a piece of their own making home. 
  • Assist Makers with transport to and from Wellington to present at the event. 
  • Make a significant impact on what the Maker can provide at the event.  

Please note that approved applicants will be paid within two weeks after the event date – Sunday 20 October 2019. 

The next curation dates for Maker proposals are 29 August and 12 September 2019Funding requests will be considered at these curation meetings so please submit your both Maker proposal and funding request as soon as possible 

Available funding is limited 

Maker Assistance Fund

Welcome! There are * pages to this application. Your application is complete only after you click [SUBMIT] on the last page of this form. At any time, you can save your application with the [Save and Continue Later] link at the bottom of each page. During the application process, do not refresh your browser, or your answers may be lost. Only complete this application, once you have completed the Call for Makers Application. NB: Funds are limited and priority will be given to requests that make a significant impact on what the Maker can provide at the event; assist with providing a hands-on or take-away making activity; and/or help Makers get to Wellington and contribute to the event.
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