Outpost 42 is the NZ Garrison of the worldwide Star Wars costuming group, the 501st Legion!

What kind of Makers are you?

We’re members of three Star Wars costuming and charity clubs – the 501st Legion (“bad guy” characters like Stormtroopers and Sith Lords), the Rebel Legion (Jedi and X-wing pilots), and the Mandalorian Mercenaries (costumes in the style of Boba Fett, and the upcoming The Mandalorian TV series). Most members build their own costumes, often from kits, to be exact replicas of those used on screen, and wear them at movie premieres, SF conventions, and charity events (e.g. CCF and Special Children’s Christmas parties, or street collections).

How old were you when you first got involved in the Maker community?

Some of our members started in their teens, often starting in the Galactic Academy aimed at under-18s, while others started as adults.

Why did you get into Making? Did anyone introduce you to your area of expertise?

Often we start because we enjoy Star Wars movies and costumes. Our clubs have a range of online forums and in-person “armour parties” to meet to work together on costumes.

What inspires you when you are working on a project?

To join the 501st or Rebel Legion, you need a costume that matches something used on screen – made to movie-quality standards – but there are lots of costumes to choose from (and more coming out with each movie, TV series, and video games). The Mando Mercs allow for more customisation, but still have to follow specific requirements – the new TV show will provide more options for costumes too.

What advice would you give to young people who want to get involved?

Come and chat to us at Maker Faire, Armageddon Expo or other events we attend. Visit 501st.com and nz501st.com, rebellegion.com, and mandalorianmercs.org to find out more about our costumes and local members.