We spoke to Jack and Prav who run the robotics club at Paraparaumu College in Kapiti! They will have some robotics students from Paraparaumu College showing how the types of robotics activities they are up to. The college recently won the Tournament of minds competition and will be competing in Australia.

What kind of Makers are you?

Jack – I run the robotics club at Paraparaumu College in Kapiti where have around 45 students doing robotics. We run senior and junior groups.See www.robotwars.nz for more info.

Prav – I am a tinkerer who loves disassembling stuff, and just lately in life, am able to put it back together correctly and in working order. My full time job is in educational outreach for Engineering and Computer Science at Victoria University of Wellington. See www.techteacherslog.net for more info

How old were you when you first got involved in the Maker community?

Jack -In my late 30’s.

Prav – Same

Why did you get into Making? Did anyone introduce you to your area of expertise?

Jack -I have been making things mu whole life.

Prav – pretty much since childhood I was into opening up radios and modifying them to listen to Aircraft band. Sometimes they worked, sometimes I messed up the radio.

What inspires you when you are working on a project?

Jack- The challenge

Prav – Fixing a problem. Finding multiple sustainable solutions.

What advice would you give to young people who want to get involved?

Jack – Get involved.

Prav – Pretty much tinker with what you have. Go to OpShops/ Recycle yards and buy cheap stuff to break into and have a play.