Euan makes banjos, ukuleles and guitars with old tins, cigar boxes, shovels, hubcaps, wood, cutlery and various other salvaged bits of things.
Each instruments is completely unique with its own distinctive sound & charming character.

What kind of Maker are you?

I make musical instruments out of everyday items. eg biscuit tin banjos, cigar box ukuleles, hub cap guitars, shovel guitars, whisky box guitars

How old were you when you first got involved in the Maker community?

I started making these instruments about 6 years ago, when i was 29

Why did you get into Making? Did anyone introduce you to your area of expertise?

I have played guitar and bass for years and a few years back decided i wanted to learn the banjo. When looking online at which banjo to buy, I stumbled across examples of people building their own instruments out of odd things and it really got me inspired to try it myself. After i made my first biscuit tin banjo i was hooked!

What inspires you when you are working on a project?

I really like the idea of taking a couple of objects that are destined for the rubbish dump (eg. an old biscuit tin and a discarded bed post) and giving them a new life as something completely different. Also, playing an instrument that you’ve built with your own hands is very satisfying!

What advice would you give to young people who want to get involved?

When i started out I had an idea of what i wanted to make but i had no idea how to make it! However, with a bit of research, imagination and plenty of enthusiasm you can turn your ideas into something you can be proud of. You just have to give it a go!