We searched all over New Zealand to bring the best and brightest of the Maker community to Maker Faire Wellington. Among these people is a young Maker named Caspar Isaacs, an 18-year old Wellingtonian who has spent much of his formative years tinkering with 3D printers and ham radios. Isaacs describes himself as “a young, enthusiastic Maker who loves to help others, whether that be by helping them make their next big invention, or just showing them how to do something.”

His first steps into the Maker community started by exploring electronics stores at the young age of 12 years old. From here, he began to experiment with gadgets, beginning with the customisation of his scooter. In the summer months, Isaacs would ride his scooter on the Wellington waterfront where he was inspired to modify his ride through the addition of different LED lights.

Isaacs also spent time channelling his creative energy and passion for technology at Capital E where he got involved in Raspberry Pi and 3D printing workshops for young people. He explains, “I guess I enjoy making things, whether they be 3D printed or using a CNC machine or even making custom PCBs (Circuit boards).”

In 2016, Isaacs created Blaze board, a Bluetooth controlled Arduino long-board lighting system. This system enables the rider to not only be seen by others on the road, but to also see any hazards that may be in their path. Although Making can at times be a long and challenging process, Isaacs believes that inspiration comes from “the thrill of seeing a finished project at the end and knowing you made it.”

For other aspiring Makers out there, Isaacs advises using something as simple as Google to find inspiration for new projects and new ways of making things. He also says, “Contact your local maker space and see what they say, most of them nowadays have courses and clubs for young ones – if you’re older, FAB Lab Wgtn do some too!”

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By Ariane Galope