Keely McCann is Maker Faire Wellington’s Production Manager. Keely is a freelance manager who works across the events and festival circuits, making exciting and innovative events happen.

As Production Manager for several installation, theatre and visual arts festivals, I specialise in making creative plans and out-of-the-box ideas, a reality. When not in the office, with my logical and pragmatic brain switched on; I spend a lot of my spare time sewing reusable bags, cross stitching Star Trek memes, and attempting to make things grow in the garden.

I’m thrilled to be bringing Maker Faire to Wellington, and believe that as Kiwis, with our No. 8 wire mentality, we’re all very capable of making and creating within any realm!

The global Maker movement is massive! In 2017 there were 240+ Maker Faires around the world and in 2015 the global Maker Faire attendance surpassed 1 million people! Existing Makers in Wellington and New Zealand are part of this global Maker movement. Wellington Maker Faire is the first of this scale in Aotearoa, although there are established Maker meetups and events already. For the Makers, tinkerers, crafters, artists and tech transformers, Maker Faire is an opportunity to bring everyone together to connect, share experiences, and inspire others.

All the people who play on the edge of conventionality, and all the grass-root creators, this event is for you!