Karen Carey is Maker Faire Wellington’s head Maker and the creative producer for Capital E’s PlayHQ and public programme events. With her background in education, producing, and making and a passion for visual art, design, and creativity Karen is leading the team in bringing Maker Faire to Wellington!

As Capital E’s creative producer for public programmes, I have designed and created many installations and events for children and young people, often connecting and collaborating with the Maker community for special items and projects to deliver immersive, playful, and engaging experiences. With talented local Makers, we have created LED light-up swings, held weaving demonstrations, generated retro technology experiences, taught traditional craft workshops and much more, all for children and young people.

I’m a Maker myself so have a hands-on approach to creativity. I enjoy the connectivity in the Maker community and have been lucky enough to meet lots of fantastically talented Makers. I’m really looking forward to sharing their talent with the citizens of this creative capital.

The global Maker movement is massive! In 2017 there were 240+ Maker Faires around the world and in 2015 the global Maker Faire attendance surpassed 1 million people! And Makers in Wellington and New Zealand are part of this global Maker movement. Wellington Maker Faire is the first of this scale in Aotearoa, although there are established Maker meetups and events already. For the Makers, tinkerers, crafters, artists and tech transformers, Maker Faire is an opportunity to bring everyone together to connect, share experiences, and inspire others. All the people who play on the edge of conventionality, and all the grass-root creators, this event is for you!

Recently, I was able to attend the fantastic Adelaide Maker Faire and was so invigorated and inspired by the event and the Makers. I visited as many Maker stalls as I could and there were so many great, engaging Makers. A couple of my highlights was the large, obscure looking, home-built Toroidal Ring Vortex Generator, Joshua Smith’s miniature models of urban environments, zooming Dalek’s from Dr Who and the traditional maritime rope mat-making. It was wonderful seeing old crafts and new technologies join together to make something amazing.

Maker Faire is a fun, family event where 5-85-year-olds can explore and enjoy the skills, processes, and ideas from the Maker Movement. I hope that everyone is inspired by what they see at Maker Faire Wellington and joins the Maker Movement themselves!